Chirag Aggarwal started his career with a job of 5000 INR & hustle for the next 2 years in the job until he didn’t get the kicked. Being working for 9 hours for the company via a fixed salary didn’t hold him for long in job life.

As a result, started hustling along with the job & work 7 PM-1 AM to create own income source. Within 7 months he replaced his part-time business with full-time business. Since 2019, Chirag Aggarwal begins helping other people who think like him & want to come out from this 9-6 rat race. As a result, today hundreds of youth is connected with him and learning from their native state. In 2020, where 98% of the businesses are closed due to Covid-19 & fifteen crore people lose their jobs. At this time, Chirag Aggarwal helping people to learn & earn digital marketing skills that need no qualification. Just learning mindset required that’s why today everyone reaching to him from his Instagram account & connecting to use their time for learning.